Ten Buildings in Seoul

It is nothing less than remarkable that 30 years ago, the Korean language had to invent a term for ‘highrise’ which did not then exist.  Today 80% of the population live in highrise buildings.  The architectural revolution in South Korea is astounding.  These are some of the buildings I saw, always searchingly inventive, a beauty that strikes and all in powerful contrast to the tradition of the past millennia.

Entrance to shopping mall, Samseung
The IBK bank, Myung-dong, west Seoul


Hospital, Jongno-gu, central Seoul


IBK bank, Myung-dong, west Seoul
Hyundai building, Samseung. Note sword and shield motifs.


Cultural-History Museum, Icong, west Seoul. Based on line and circle motifs.
World Trade Centre, Samseung, South Seoul


The Asian Centre, Jongno-gu, central Seoul. Again, that adventurous line.


Unnamed building but one with muted beauty


The Post Office Building, City Hall area, central Seoul

Of all skyscrapers I’ve ever seen, this ranks as the pinnacle.  It is the Post Office Building in the City Hall area, central Seoul.  It is just so zany, so daring, so playful.  If it is a zip, what do you imagine he was doing the night before he did this design?

Will van der Walt ©

2007 – 2008


Image Sources: Photographsby Will


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