A visit to Montebello takes you into the creative heart of Cape Town, all right, one of the creative hearts.   The setting alone is wonderful – umbrella pines tower over this cove of busy people, making things that fascinate.  It is worth the trip for any local or for international tourists.  You’ll find this on the website: Montebello Design Centre is located in Newlands, Cape Town, and is the result of a financial and property bequest by Cecil Michaelis. The Project is situated in the farm buildings of the historic site of Montebello. These buildings and land have a colourful history, being the birth place of Ohlssons Brewery and Continental China. Today, Montebello Design Centre is home to a broad spectrum of designers and artists, from jewellers to painters, film makers to landscapers.

There is much to see and some tasty edibles at two restaurants.  I was particularly interested in the wood carvings and in the metal work coming from The Forge.  I share some of my impressions.

A wrought-iron gate

Flower forms
Bird of wood


T a n g o


Face in wind




Sculpture garden

A place of great reward.  And:  I had the tastiest meal in the deli restaurant with an array of interesting goodies to eat.

Will van der Walt ©

October, 2012

Images Sources: Photographs by Will 


One Response to Montebello

  1. Lovely W, beautiful art pieces, especially loved the ‘bird of wood’ ,

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