A stroll through Juan Les Pins

After a Pan Bagnat and a carafe of dry white in a restaurant close to the clatter of the beach, Claudie and I take a stroll through Juan Les Pins.  A warm winters day with the sun, as the poet tells us, clashing swords with the sea.  We pass the Garden Beach Hotel and Casino with its quirky post-modern architecture.  We pause:  many jazz artists have left impressions of their hands in the pavement, they who made the annual Jazz Festival here world famous.  Names that I associate with joyous musical memories.  At the Arena, where it all happens flanking the beach, there is a fanciful steel art work towering over the open ground.  Locals study the lie of their bowls in a peaceful game of petanque.


The Garden Beach Hotel


Dave Brubeck played music here


The Casino


Ray Charles


Garden Beach Hotel front



Play that fiddle, Stéphane!


Jazz Arena

Jazz Arena


Chick Corea


© Will v.d. Walt

Vendredi  28 Decembre 2012


Image Sources: Images by Will 


5 Responses to A stroll through Juan Les Pins

  1. Love those beautiful buildings! The hand prints remind me of the hand prints in the Holiwood ‘walk of fame’. I met Chick Corea in America in the ’80s.

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