THE STARS BEAR WITNESS – The city of Nice, one year on

The headlines in the morning newspaper Nice-matin tell the story – the event of the 14th July, 2016, when there was a terrorist attack at the celebration of Bastille Day.  Headlines shot through with grief.

Nice-Matin Friday 14th July 2017

NICE FOR LIFE – the leading headline

Nice and France pay homage to their angels.  Angels has been derived from the name of bay surrounding Nice, the Bay of Angels.

“I want to succeed in opening myself to happiness again” – an article by Sonia Caléo-Darwiche who lost her mother, her sister and her brother-in-law on that night.

NICE FOR ALWAYS  − an article by the well-known Nice writer Didier van Cauwelaert in which he speaks of the city as “the ground of welcoming and freedom”.

Nice-Matin Saturday 15th July 2017

ALL UNITED FOR NICE  − the leading headline

Homage to the victims:  Nice beats with one heart

Humanity conquers barbarity  − an article which includes the moving tribute paid by President Emmanuel Macron during the main ceremony: “We owe it to those who died to continue the struggle each day.”

The stars reunite with heaven – an article about the scene of white balloons that were released over Place Massena, where last year fireworks shone.

An image from Paris – an article and photograph of the word NICE formed by the military orchestra in the Bastille Day celebrations on the Champs l’Eysées.

                 …the names …the names …

The stars bear witness – a passionate, moving tribute paid by Pauline Murris to her cousin Camille who died that night and which probably tore France apart:  Is it then of the same light that stars are made?  I dare believe that.  The 86 angels who shine tonight, will bear witness for us.


© Will van der Walt

Les Semboules, Antibes

16th July, 2017


Source and images

Nice-matin 14th and 15th July 2017





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