Morning Vision

For some years I’ve been intrigued by a sight from the living room in the sky above the suburbs.  The French air force have jets flying above the Côte d’Azur leaving white smoke trails.   These trails make crisscross patterns in the early-morning glow before the sun rises.  At first the cynic in me saw this as a public relations exercise, but perhaps these amazing lines help new pilots see what they and others are doing.


I’ve stood riveted many times as the straight white lines extend magically through the gold sky.    It’s as if an invisible artist is ruling these lines, slowly and deliberately.  The space above the Mediterranean becomes a vast canvas for the geometric designs.


Photographs capture something of the vision, but it’s the strangeness of the growing patterns, the lines extending into immense angled forms.  It is an image of cosmic liberty.

© Will van der Walt

Les Semboules, Antibes

September, 2017


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