ART FELL ON ME – the work of Nicolas Lavarenne

The second in a series of two

It is the drama of these figures that make them memorable.  Yet, there are figures that languidly contrast with all the gusto.  There is the Dozer and the Thinker.


The placing of the figures might well have been done by Lavarenne himself.  One leaps off the wall of Les Remparts;  another is framed by the arch of Porte de l’Orme.  And one, above the Harbour Gate, hails the world on his haunches.

They chase each other on the remnants of the Antibes City Wall.  And one quirkily plays in the solemn presence of Plensa’s Nomade on the St Jaume ramparts.

It is the spontaneity, the vigorous spirit of creation, that brings on Lavarenne’s humorous remark that “Art fell on me.”  For centuries art was confined to galleries and statues were almost all cultural-political.  From the 20th-century there is a new emphasis on public sculpture.  Lavarenne is a flag-bearer in this liberation.

© Will van der Walt

Les Semboules, Antibes

April, 2018



Official Biography Nicolas Lavarenne



My photographs

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on  26/05/2018

For Graham and Elna, who shared this with me





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