Ann Marais, sculptor

I saw an exhibition of Ann Marais’ work in the Bellville Library in 2011 and the images I took there have haunted me down the years.  I am not prepared to hazard a guess about the particular theme of this exhibition.  What she did then and what seems central to her work, is expressed in two categories:  a kind of oblique social satire, blending into what is spontaneously intuitive, the world of dreams.  The word surreal is an easy refuge.

There is a blurry line between the two categories.  It feels as if these are the beings you would find in the dimly-lit corridors of the unconscious mind.  They disturb us as they slowly define themselves, uncannily clear, as they emerge into sunlight.


They are, some of them, rapt in their own weather, alien and familiar at the same time.  Some are dressed in ordinary clothes;  others in robes from other worlds.  They are almost life-size and it feels, as we move between the figures, that we are entering a realm of living people.  Over it all is a dark cloud  –  this exhibition does not comfort.



In a country where consciousness of art has been slow to awake, Ann Marais’ work inspires me.

© Will van der Walt

Les Semboules, Antibes

October, 2019



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Heads by Anton Smit

I know little about the South African sculptor Anton Smit.  The work of his that I saw at Imibala Gallery in Somerset West, Western Cape, was impressive.  One of his images has become a personal icon.

I took a number of photographs of the heads that were exhibited and I have treated the images with my graphics programme.




(c) Will van der Walt

Les Semboules, Antibes

September, 2019


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